The Battletech Party

    Come to the Harz Mountains; come to where the dice roll !!! ;O)

    Phoenix Guard.

It is expected that this year again the
Con participation is only possible by pre-registration !!!

Prices etc.

Room requests from prepayers will be given priority!

Contribution towards expenses incl. coffee & tea flat rate

70,- € from Thursday (60,- € if paid in advance)
60,- € from Friday (with prepayment 50,- €)
30,- € from Saturday (with prepayment incl. overnight stay)

Click here to register:

Click here to register:

You must bring your own sheets and pillowcases.
Room requests from those paying in advance will be given priority!


Preliminary programme:

With the kind support of:





Any questions? Then write to us:

Arrival, chilling + chapter fights ;O)
Official start of the con on Thursday from 3 pm.

During the whole con, several computers with internet access will be available for entering fights.

Miniatures that cost hours of handicraft and painting should also be shown to inspire others and to exchange ideas. It is always nice to see a rarity or maybe a funny mini from close up.

We would like to offer all Con visitors to contribute something to our showcase. If you want to show your own figure conversions, great paintjobs or just a rare figure, you are invited to present it in our showcase for everyone!

So let your darling off the leash to present itself with others on this stage.

We are already looking forward to it ;).

Paint and Modelling Contest

This year's "Need 4 Speed - Paint and Modelling Contest" is about pure running action.
A unit that can reach a running speed of 10 or more is to be depicted in full run.
So let the mech splash dirt and kick up some dust !!!
To do justice to the task, base design and modding will be rated 1.5 times higher than the other categories this year!

You may do whatever you like with the figure, as long as the original unit is still clearly recognisable.
Posing, modding and base design are explicitly desired.

Max, base diameter is 5cm + largest figure size max. 7cm.

- The selected unit must be able to move at least 10 Hex !!!

1 entry per participant

3 points will be awarded:
- Idea & overall impression
- Paintjob
- Base design incl. modding (will be rated 1,5 times)

This will be judged by the con visitors.

The figures are to be submitted on Friday and will then be exhibited in the showcase from 10pm.

Prizes will be awarded late Saturday evening after the tournaments.

We are looking forward to your contributions!

Various scenarios + Free 4 All

From Thursday on we will offer some possibilities to play Battletech outside of chapter fights.

More info as the con gets closer !

From Thursday on we will offer to test Battletech Destiny.

More info as the con gets closer !

Info PDF´s:
Solaris 7 - Intro & Rules

Solaris VII-Qualifikation 2022!

Intro: You're stranded on Solaris VII, having lost your unit and your mech in the last pointless mission, when you receive a flyer from the Black Star Stable. Fate is kind to you again and you seize this opportunity..."

Guided by the story, players are to optimise a mech for Solaris VII battles and compete against each other in the game's arenas to prove that you have both the better mech and are the most dangerous mech pilot.

The tournament will be played according to modified Solaris rules, which either registered players can get as a file in advance or will get as a printout at the con anyway. The rules for the tournament can be downloaded here on the con page.

Questions about rules and registrations can be sent to:

Construction Tournament 2022

17 September 3067, 07:00 local time
Arcadia Battlemech Plant CM-T4
Planet Arcadia
Clan Homeworlds

"Good morning!"
Just in time for the start of the shift at 07:00, Jakob (Tesla) stepped up to the small podium of the conference room to address the scientists present:

"Dear brothers and sisters, I have the honour to inform you today about the new development project commissioned by Khan N'Buta himself. As you surely know, not only the warriors suspect that our clan is facing troubled times for which our clan must be prepared, frapos?

Our Khan has therefore tasked us to build on our successes in developing the Hellfire. This time, however, we are to develop a full-fledged OmniMech that will strike fear into the hearts of our enemies and give our warrior caste a significant advantage in a wide variety of combat situations. The weight class, mission profile and equipment of the Hellfire can be a guide for you, but do not have to limit you in the design of your prototypes.

The exact specifications of the OmniMech to be developed, and the configurations to be developed, will be sent directly to your datapads after this meeting...

>>> Construction rules will follow later <<<

File:Alpha-Strike- Commanders Edition (Cover).jpeg

Scenarios of your choice

Are you interested in getting to know the latest Commander's Edition of Alpha Strike?

Then come to our introductory games! Whether you are a complete beginner who just wants to have a look, or you already have some experience with the system and want to try something more, we have the right introductory scenario for you.

You come to the table. You choose!

File:Alpha-Strike- Commanders Edition (Cover).jpeg

German Battletech Championship

DBTM 2022 will exceptionally take place at the Phoenix Con for another time this year. A qualification is not necessary due to the special circumstances.

Deadline for registration for the DBTM is 22.10.2022!

Further information and the registration form can be found (in German) at:

For translation, if needed, we recommend:

Mechforce Bloodname

Information will follow later

Jellytech - Battletech for Kids !!!

Join in a game where (almost) everything is edible. Be prepared for even the spectators to join in the battle. The rules are simple, the game is fast, the winners and losers get eaten.

A fun tournament aimed primarily at children.

Participation fee 5 €    >>>  this and all other proceeds go to the German Children's Cancer Aid Foundation.
Parents and other spectators may influence the game with further monetary donations.

We are looking forward to a lively participation and willingness to donate.

This year again, the BT flea market will take place during our con in Hohegeiß.
This will again give you the opportunity to buy our devotional objects.

We have already collected a lot of material (new and used) for treasure hunters.

If you still want to part with a few things or are looking for something, please contact us.
For organisational reasons, please let us know by 22 October at the latest.

Offers and searches to us at:



is an exciting miniatures air combat game featuring magnetised airships, diesel punk fighters and carrier-launched dockfighters in an alternate year 1948. It is easy to learn, yet offers great tactical depth.

AGE 14+


At a time when the Second World War never broke out, because the large nations have disintegrated into small states. What was once Germany is now a patchwork of states, above all Bavaria, Saxony and Prussia. It is the golden age of airships and aeroplanes. It is now much easier to travel in the air than on the ground through all the fragmented small states.

Dockfighters contains 14 fully-magnetised aircraft and 2 giant airships. Pilot experience is represented with coloured rings on the base and speed is marked with acrylic turntables. The altitude of each aircraft is realistically displayed with magnetic spacers.


Take command of your own squadron and fly experimental aircraft that no one has ever flown before - including tiny 'dock fighters' that can be 'docked' to giant airships.

Your squadron writes its own history because each game has an impact on pilots and their aircraft. In this way, the outcome of one mission becomes the starting point for the next.

But beware: you will feel the pain of losing your favourite flying ace in dogfight.

Each mission is different, with a wide range of different mission objectives, ground targets and enemies, guaranteeing a high replay value.

Take cover behind passing clouds or risk a flight through a thundercloud.

Of course you can play these missions individually, but Dockfighters - The Ale Wars offers a variety of game modes: You can play the campaign cooperatively, in solo mode or competitively (versus). The free game mode also offers you the opportunity to lead your own squadron and take it into the field against other squadrons of your fellow players.

Feel free as a bird in Dockfighters....
A bird with a lot of guns!





Since this year we have our own lasertag set and would like to offer you the opportunity to try it out during the con.

Just get out and get some fresh air and some exercise before going back to the table.


Board games for everyone

A great range of current and tried-and-tested games for everyone, big and small.

You are also welcome to bring your own games and offer rounds of games.

A break, a little distraction, something different or just not in the mood for BT - you'll get help here ;O)

Some of you may remember this FASA classic:

Exciting aerial combat in an alternative 1930s timeline over the former United States. Heroic pilots and their wingmen fight against air pirates and enemy zeppelins.

There will be an introductory round for new cadets and a scenario for veteran veterans. The game system will look familiar to any BT player: Hex cards, data sheets with armour and internal components, and miniatures. Differing features are the movement phase and that there is a damage template.

Translated with (free version)